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I'm a consultant, coach and facilitator focussing on
social entrepreneurship &
impact investment


I believe that innovation is key to tackle the social and ecological problems of our time.


But we need innovation at scale.

Too often the right solution is out there somewhere. But it does not scale - depriving many of its benefits and driving others to "reinvent the wheel". The reasons are many: investments, government, education, networks and ecosystems, impact measurement - to name a few.


I work with different stakeholders to reduce these barriers and help social innovation scale.




My focus is to bring structure and direction to your project. Whatever you do: starting a new social enterprise, developing or evaluating new impact investing products or needing to educate people around social innovation - you have come to the right place.

In the past, I have co-developed and lead an impact investment readiness accelerator at Ashoka Europe, consulted different municipial governments on impact driven and evidence based decision making and created a bespoke module on "social entrepreneurship" for the University of Sustainable Development Eberswalde, which I teach there since 2018.

My clients range from:

  • Educators and Universities

  • Social Enterprises and businesses

  • Investors and Impact Investment Agencies

  • Policy makers and public administration

The goal is always to help you find new clarity in your projects and guide you and your team to maximise impact.

My offer



  • Find your job in the social enterprise sector

  • For people starting or re-orienting their carreer

  • Individual & small groups

  • Hourly rate



  • Custom content: impact measurement to business modelling and impact finance

  • Start Ups & businesses

  • Custom duration

  • Daily rate



  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

  • Custom content possible

  • Groups up to 30 people

  • 10 day standard, flexible

  • Webinar or Offline


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Finanzierungsoptionen für gemeinnützige Organisationen

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Clients & Partners


What people say

More Than Shelters Logo

Laura is one of the rare persons to (really) discuss hybrid social business models with.

She inspired me and my organization to use a new business and impact model template. As well she came up with incredible storylines to promote our impact case much better.

Daniel Kerber
Caroline Billstein foto

The course has given me a new perspective on the concept of entrepreneurial thinking along with social benefits.


The diversified exercises consisting of theory and implementation helped me to put myself in the position of a social entrepreneur.


After having concluded the class, I was so convinced of the concept of social entrepreneurship that I aligned my master thesis after it.

Caroline Billstein
Elisabeth Uhlig foto

The course allowed me to have a better understanding of how we can tackle challenges that we care about with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Using many practical examples, case studies and modern teaching methods Laura created a very pleasant learning environment, even online. 


After the course, I felt very motivated and empowered to keep on looking for a job with impact and following my path in the right direction. I was able to find that job with impact - also thanks to the knowledge I've gained through the course.

Elisabeth Uhlig


Comparing the markets of Germany and the UK.


Armutsreduktion durch das Social Business Model im Tourismus.



Career Coach
Competence On Top 2021

Systemic Coach
Competence On Top 2020

Change Manager
Manager Institut 2019

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